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Groupama acquires Basak Sigorta and Basak Emeklilik, Turkish insurance companies

Analyst - 2 February 2006


“We are extremely happy with this success. It will allow us to significantly strengthen our presence in Turkey”, declared Jean-François Lemoux, Managing Director of Groupama International. “This acquisition has made…

Green light for the project to open up the sharecapital of Groupama S.A.

Analyst - 24 February 2006


*present or represented Following this extraordinary general assembly, Jean-Luc Baucherel, Chairman of Groupama, declared: “Groupama is determined to safeguard its future and is firmly resolved to continue its growth in…

VIETNAM : expansion of business

Analyst - 18 January 2005


At the Group’s request, the government authorities have extended the scope of the licence granted in 2001 which covered only agricultural insurance in southern Vietnam*. “We wanted to broaden the…

Groupama S.A. : Specialised committees set up

Analyst - 24 February 2005


The men in question are Frédéric Lemoine, 39, Jean Salmon, 57, and Philippe Vassor, 51. These appointments raise the number of directors from 13 to 16, i.e. 11 representatives of…

SCOR capital increase

Analyst - 6 January 2004


In accordance with the regulations in force which require the shareholder to specify its intentions when the 20% threshold is exceeded, Groupama states that it does not intend to take…

Groupama: proposed legal restructuring of Central Mutual

Analyst - 10 July 2003


The Board of Directors of Groupama’s Central Mutual, meeting under the Chairmanship of Jean Baligand, has approved the implementation of plans for a legal restructuring of the Groupama Central Mutual,…

GROUPAMA backs SCOR capital increase

Analyst - 6 November 2003


Groupama has decided to back the operation by subscribing for a number of shares equal to its stake in the company, i.e. 18.8 % of the capital, and by underwriting…

Groupama National Federation set up

Analyst - 18 December 2003


The vote represents the final stage of the transformation of Groupama’s central entities and makes way for a new, clearer, simplified and strengthened mutualist organisational structure operational as from 1st…

Jean-François Lemoux is appointed General Manager, International Branch

Analyst - 7 February 2003


“I would very much like to thank Michel Beauchesne for his outstanding work in laying the ground for the Group’s international expansion. The determination and professionalism he has shown in…