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Asset management

Groupama Asset Management, a subsidiary of Groupama, is one of the leading French players in asset management for group entities, institutional investors, companies and distributors. It is regularly singled out by the specialised press for the performance and quality of its products.

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 Property management

Groupama Immobilier specialises in property management and manages the investments of the Group and its institutional customers. With a high requirement for environmental quality.

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 Employee savings

As the third-largest French contributor of funds accredited by the French inter-union employee savings committee, the Groupama Group is practically and successfully meeting the expectations of employees, companies and social partners alike.

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In 2016, Orange and Groupama signed a partnership for the development of an unseen bank offer 100% mobile. In October 2016, Orange owned 65% of Groupama Banque’s share equity, whose new corporate name becomes Orange Bank on the 16th January 2017.

Nothing changes for the actual bank’s customers of the Groupama Group: they continue to benefit from the same financial product and services before the launch of Orange Bank’s offer.