A Group based on its two major brands

On the French market, in insurance and banking, the Group is present with three major brands with varying yet complementary positioning. Each brand reflects something specific in terms of communication:

  • Groupama, the general insurance brand focused on local services in France, distributed by the network of regional mutuals.
  • Gan, Gan “Expert Monitoring” is the short and sweet, adapted expression of the Gan brand’s positioning. This promise brings form toto life the commitment to customers and is concretely characterised by four fundamental pillars: advice, availability and responsiveness of tailored solutions, monitoring over time, this latter being the and foundation for building a relationship of trust.

Internationally, the Groupama brand is exclusively represented through subsidiaries.


Groupama’s mission is to support its customers on a daily basis, at all key stages of their lives. Its priorities: proximity, listening and quality of relations.

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Historically an insurer of entrepreneurs, SMEs, and professionals, Gan is now the preferred insurer of all those undertaking a plan, whether in their private life or professional life.

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