The group organisation

Relationships between the various entities of the Group are governed in the mutual insurance division:

  • by an internal reinsurance contractual mechanism between the regional mutuals and Groupama Assurances Mutuelles, defined by an internal reinsurance agreement with terms updated every year,
  • by a security and joint liability agreement between all the regional mutuals and Groupama Assurances Mutuelles.

Relationships between entities are governed in the Groupama Assurances Mutuelles division through capital ties.

  • The subsidiaries are owned by Groupama Assurances Mutuelles
  • The main subsidiaries included in this division are consolidated in the financial statements.

There are two scopes within Groupama:

  • the combined scope, which includes all the entities of the Group and all the activities of the regional mutuals;
  • the consolidated scope in which Groupama Assurances Mutuelles is the parent holding company. In addition to the activities of the subsidiaries, its business lines include approximately 35% of the activity of the regional mutuals, which is captured by the internal reinsurance mechanism.

Local mutuals

The group includes 2,600 local mutuals spread across the entire French territory.

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Regional mutuals

The 13 regional mutuals – 9 metropolitan mutuals, 2 overseas mutuals and 2 specialist specialised mutuals – offer a complete range of insurance and financial products.

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Groupama Assurances Mutuelles

Groupama Assurances Mutuelles is a public limited company nearly 100% owned by Groupama’s regional mutuals. Its role is to direct the Group’s operational activities. It is run by a Board of Directors made up of 15 members.

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Group subsidiaries

The Group’s subsidiaries, in France and abroad, are owned by Groupama Assurances Mutuelles.

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