Specialized services and insurance

Services et assurances spécialisées

Specialized insurance

Legal protection

Groupama is a leading player in France on the legal protection market, guaranteed by the regional banks on the one hand, and Société Française de Protection Juridique (SFPJ) on the other. The entity acts as Business Division for the entire group.

Through this guarantee, Groupama provides support to the insured, private or professional, faced with conflicting situations, by assisting him to assert his rights and by assuming the corresponding costs.

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Credit insurance

Groupama Credit Insurance & Guarantee offers tailor-made and comprehensive solutions to all types of companies (TPE, SMEs, ISEs, large international groups) in order to protect them from defaults, both for political and commercial risk. The subsidiary operates in all sectors of activity and particularly in the agri-food sectors where it is a leader.

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The Group is a reference player in the assistance market, through its subsidiary Mutuaide, which is present in all support activities (car repair, personal assistance and sanitary repatriation, home assistance).

Mutuaide has also specialized in affinity insurance, which makes it possible to offer to the group and out of group, travel cancellation insurance, mechanical breakdown insurance, loss insurance theft breakage of household property etc.

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Remote surveillance

Groupama Box Habitat offers a service of telesecurity of the goods for the protection of the home or the professional premises. Remote asset security includes the functions of intrusion detection, deterrence and alerting, home monitoring and disaster response.

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Legal Services

As an innovative leader in French legality1, Juritravail.fr offers digital legal content, legal information by telephone and a lawyer contact service.

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