Concept of earth protection day or environmental protection hands to protect the growing forest

Group CSR indicators

Our mutualist organisation has always made people the focus of the company’s actions and concerns. True to this spirit and the mutualist operating principles for more than 100 years, the group affirms its desire to continue integrating social and environmental concerns into the business lines.
We have therefore chosen to focus on CSR progress areas directly in line with our corporate strategy and our core business. The performance indicators below reflect our desire to take environmental, social and governance considerations into account in our products and services:

Develop a human, proactive and responsible customer relationship

Number of non-sales calls per year: 1.1 million

Risk prevention: 203,000 beneficiaries of our actions, including 70,000 for Les Gestes Qui Sauvent (2022 financial year)

Develop protection solutions that respond to environmental and lifestyles changes

Carbon footprint of the client relationship (tonne of CO2 avoided): use of the electronic document signature (instead of sending paper): 1.8 million

Motor claims management: 34% of bumpers repaired

Develop an active contribution to the sustainable development of local life

Sponsorship actions: €9m for solidarity initiatives, including the Groupama Foundation’s actions to fight against rare diseases

Deploy a clear, public and common sustainable savings and investment policy for the entire Group

Amount of responsible investments:

€93.5bn in SRI (Groupama Asset Management outstandings)

+€1.2bn increase by 2024 (Group investment)

10.5m tonnes of CO2 stored by Groupama forests

Being a committed group in which everyone acts with pride in line with our values

Group carbon footprint (tonne of CO2 emitted)

-10.7% since 2019


Groupama companies’ scores on the Gender Equality Pay Index are improving, with a large majority of them scoring at least 89/100 and as many as 100/100 a tthe end of 2023. Overall, for the Group as a whole, women represent 63.8% of employees, 52.2% of managers and 27.2% of executives.

21.7%: conversion rate of work-study apprentices to permanent and fixed-term contracts (France)

6.01%: Group direct employment rate of employees with disabilities (France)