This programm, built on Groupama’s key strengths, is based on four strategic workstreams for the Group: highly satisfied customers, profitable developmentgrowth, a culture of efficiency and highly motivated committed employees.

Each of the Group’s entities has deployed veloped the strategic programme at its own level; a programme roll-out pack has also been provided to each entity with the aim of involving all of the Group’s employees in the implementation of this strategic programme.

An environment undergoing profound change

In a context of significant change, Groupama is facing external constraints that it has to take on board and transform into opportunities as part of the Group’s strategic programme:

• a difficult economic environment, with interest rates at very low levels over the long term and a systemic crisis affecting demand for insurance and putting pressure on the economic model adopted by insurers, particularly in the life insurance segment;

• very stiff competition;

• numerous regulatory and fiscal changes (Hamon law, ANI, Solvency II, etc.);

• significant technological advancements, with digital technology playing an increasingly significant role and access to large quantities of information via massive databases. Insurers need to be able to process this information – “big data” represents a considerable opportunity, as long as companies know how to use it.

A Group with solid strengths

The Group has a number of key strengths and differentiating factors that allow it to cope with this challenging environment:

• a dense and dynamic institutional network;

• a presence across all distribution channels with one of the most extensive networks in France;

• a market-leading position on the P&C and health and individual protection markets;

• very strong complementary brands, enabling it to address all types of customers;

• an extensive range of insurance and banking products and services, enabling it to cover all of our customers’ needs;

• an international network.

Groupama has built its strategic programme around these key strengths.