The Groupama group’s strategy is supported and embodied by the Vision programme.

This strategic programme consists of five complementary elements, which form a coherent whole guiding the Group’s actions:

❯ our corporate purpose;
❯ our CSR approach;
❯ our pillars of transformation;
❯ our performance podiums;
❯ the mutual insurance dynamic.

Our five pillars of transformation are our response to the Group’s long-term challenges and the structural changes in society. They allow us to adapt our organisation and our business lines over time in order to stay one step ahead and anticipate future developments.

Pillar 1: Rekindling the customer relationship

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of the Group’s concerns. It is both a mutual insurance requirement and a commitment from each of our companies. To be one of the favourite insurers in France, the Group has chosen to establish a unique, differentiating relationship with our customers based on proactive advising. The crisis context of the last two years has been an opportunity for the Group to re-express its attachment to this attentive and human relationship.

Pillar 2: Growth drivers through services

Speeding up our development in services is a priority. Our ambition is to support our customers with comprehensive service solutions to supplement our traditional insurance products and covers.

Pillar 3: Making Groupama a leading brand

The objective of this pillar is to promote the Groupama brand throughout our territories and to make it a true strategic financial asset. This includes improving communication around our actions on the ground by involving our networks of elected representatives and employees, who form a real community of ambassadors.

Pillar 4: Developing our industrial model to make it more efficient

The continuous improvement of our industrial model should allow the Group to control its operating costs while offering better service quality to our customers. This means greater commercial efficiency with the optimisation of our distribution networks and operational efficiency with a view to simplifying and digitising operating processes while creating synergies between the Group’s various companies

Pillar 5: Mobilising talent to serve our customers and Group’s transformation

To ensure that the strategic plan’s implementation is a collective success, mobilising the Group’s lifeblood to benefit all is essential. Every day, our energy and talent contribute to strengthening our customer-centric approach.

The recent period is a perfect example of this; the ability of all employees to work in hybrid mode, combining face-to-face and teleworking, is established. This collective commitment made it possible to ensure all the actions necessary to allow the Group to
run smoothly and to continue the deployment of the Group’s transformation projects.