Principles of mutualism

The strength of the mutualist model

Mutualism works according to a simple principle: one person = one vote. The elected member representatives, who are both customers and responsible for economic performance, thus take part in all the Group’s decision-making bodies. It is this model, with no shareholders and not for profit, that has constituted our strength for more than a century. To proximity, responsibility, and solidarity – guiding principles common to all mutualist systems – we have added a key concept: sustainable performance..

Powerful territorial roots

  • Our decision-making bodies come from a democratic system that ensures the proximity and representativeness of our members
  • 27,000 elected members represent our 2,600 local mutuals. They are all volunteers and act as relays between customers and the Group.

As we are very close to our customers, we are capable of building close relations with them and meeting their expectations under the best conditions.

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A spirit of solidarity

Solidarity, both financial and human, has been part of the Group’s DNA from the start and is expressed by strong commitments on several levels:

  • sponsorship and prevention operations and regional or sport partnerships;
  • an internal reinsurance system to spread risk and optimise costs;
  • • screening of risks and mobilisation of networks in the event of natural disasters.

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Shared responsibility

Through its decentralised structure, the Groupama Group is able to give a sense of responsibility to everyone involved:

  • at the local level, with elected representatives who approve the accounts and make comments and suggestions at general meetings;
  • at the regional and national levels. At each level, major decisions are first considered collectively in general meetings, board meetings, committees and working groups, etc.;
  • though a collective commitment to economic and social performance.

Our socially generous model is reflected in a constant search to be useful to society and associated with each of our actions.