Groupama, a mutual insurance group

While mutualism promotes the principles of proximity (local mutuals), solidarity (grouping for a collective, shared interest), and responsibility by its very nature, Groupama’s agricultural roots provide it with a unique reality:

  • stronger proximity with 2,600 local mutuals and 27,000 representatives;
  • greater responsibility, with a mode of organisation anchored in the territories with the local mutual, which constitutes a community of members;
  • and a real solidarity between each level through involvement at each level – local, regional and national.

A pioneer of engagement in the territories, Groupama’s mutualism places engagement commitment at the centre of its approach.

Member customers at the heart of a collective responsibility : one person = one vote

At Groupama, you’re more than a customer…you’re a member.
Being a member means:

• Being able to express your expectations, needs and comments during your local mutual’s general meeting

• Being able to exchange with the directors of your regional mutual

• Electing members to serve as your representatives at the local, regional and national level

• Participating in the management of your mutual by becoming an elected representative

• Benefiting from the actions proposed by your local mutual (information, prevention, events, etc.)

• Having the possibility of investing in your regional mutual and your region’s economy with mutual certificates (issued by the regional mutual of your region) (“certificats mutualistes”)

• Being able to develop a lasting relationship built on trust within your Groupama community

• Having a Groupama contact less than 15 kilometres from your home (employee or elected member representative)

Representatives who promote our values

At Groupama, members are above all players in the group, capable of dedicating themselves at each of the elective levels. Today, Groupama has more than 30,000 representatives, who have chosen to commit themselves and form the group’s identity as its “lifeblood”.

Being a representative at Groupama means:

• Personifying a democratic, participatory system: Being both a voter and eligible to be elected, all members have the opportunity to become administrator of their local, regional and national mutual!

• Promoting the local mutualist life: during the general meetings of their local mutual, representatives talk about types of coverinsurance, services, preventive actions and contribution to the local economic and social life, and they serve as the relay for the members who elected them!

• Approving the key strategic priorities of the regional mutuals in board meetings

• Being the link between proximity and expertise: the representatives report information from the field to the regional and then national level, and ensure that their recommendations are considered.

• Passing on and sharing the mutualist values with an objective of serving the members and enhancing performance.

Our mutualism also means being committed :

a) To developing the territories: Groupama establishes many partnerships in the field, which facilitate, foster and surround the initiative, promote employment and contribute to local economic development.

• At the agricultural level: support in setting up with a dedicated charter, training and information, management of unfortunate events, promotion of agricultural trades, partnership with a chair at the La Salle Beauvais agricultural college on management of agricultural risks.

• At the VSE-SME level: support for regional employment, by contributing to the activity of several thousand companies and service providers to engage in its role as insurer and best serve its member customers: garages, healthcare providers, craftspeople, lawyers, partner experts, etc.

• Around collaborative projects and local economic development: promote local business (creation of the Granvillage collaborative platform – link -), support crowdfunding platforms, help associations dedicated to employment and social inclusion

• By favouring responsible investments and socially responsible investments (RI and SRI).

b) To support local associations and initiatives: Groupama provides operational and financial support to numerous local associations (sports, cultural, general interest and other associations) around three main themes: Health & Disabilities, Sport & Culture, and Solidarity.

• Health: for more than 20 years, the Groupama Health Foundation has been committed to fighting rare diseases. It has supported 200 associations and 40 researchers. This support can also be seen in its actions to fight cancer, support AIDS patients and hospitalised children, promote blood donation and fund defibrillators for communities

• Disabilities: actions supporting people with disabilities in businesses, support for associations, equipment purchases, event tickets, etc.

• Sport and culture: cultural and sport patronage through the promotion of local specialities, art, culture (music, dance, cinema, theatre, etc.) and support for regional sport.

• Solidarity: Christmas collection campaigns, support for disaster victims, family or charity associations and the Solidarité Action Madagascar association

c) Alongside members through preventive actions : For 60 years, Groupama’s prevention policy, which is intended for everyone, has resulted in a concrete commitment in the areas under its economic, social and environmental responsibility:

Protection of property and people (in motor through the Centaure training centres, in health), but also sustainability of working tools and preservation of the environment (prevention in the agriculture field).

Driven by the strong convictions of the mutualist directors and the employees, it favours anticipation and long-term actions to serve our members and customers.