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Group’s purpose

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The origin of the purpose

The high point of 2018, the process of remutualisation achieved on 7 June, gives back to our Group its full legitimacy as a mutual insurer and its original coherence, based on the three levels of mutualisation, local, regional and national.

By writing a new page in its history, the Group has also given itself fresh impetus. This impetus is supported by our strengths and our collective will to be even stronger tomorrow. And propels us into the future.

Today, we set out the perspectives that bring our ethics, our values and our corporate plan into line. These perspectives are here to stay.

They are the fruit of a shared reflection exercise involving elected representatives and group directors.

Beyond the legal transformation, this is above all about reasserting what sets us apart. What justifies our existence. What unites us, motivates us, fuels our commitment….

…our purpose : 

“We are here to help as many people as possible build their lives with confidence”. 

Our values

We are more than ever attached to the values that have defined our identity for more than a century. Timeless values, instilled in the hearts of men and women: solidarity, responsibility, commitment, optimism…Values that will take us into the future as much as they respond to the needs of our society today, seeking to rediscover meaning and humanity…

Humanist and protective values that have build an inclusive model open to everyone who is committed to sharing them. We think of solidarity as a means of showing support, and not as an act of consumption.

Our history began in the world of agriculture. A world of entrepreneurs whose vocation was to feed the people. A world that has always been able to see in the future an opportunity to advance, build, innovate and prosper. We also believe in the future. And we want to support men and women who view life as an opportunity.

Our approach to insurance is first and foremost one based on mutual assistance. Mutual assistance made possible by the equitable and responsible sharing of the risks inherent in everyone’s life and all businesses. Assitance that reassures and encourages everyone to pursue their path with confidence.

Jean-Yves DAGES

Our fundamental purpose is part of our DNA. It explains why our Group has been in existence for over 100 years and embodies the mutualism of the future, a beacon of hope for future generations

Jean-Yves Dagès

Our development

Our purpose clearly carries with it a strong ambition to develop and to win. Mutualism is a response to many expectations of our fellow citizens, who are looking for more participatory, open and inclusive models.

Our purpose does not only carry a vision of a generation of the past, but also that of a new generation, ready to take up the torch.

The main trends emerging for the next few years set us a cap, a horizon. Our purpose  will be the North on our compass. It will guide our actions, our projects and our arbitrage operations.

It will continue to inspire the way we work internally and our human resources policy, which places people at the heart of our organisation and considers employees as the Group’s most valuable asset.

It will help us reconnect with our pioneering spirit, in order to ceaselessly reinvent the way we help our members and customers every day, by adapting to changes in their lifestyle.  It will be our best advocacy for those that share our values and wish to join us.

It is up to all of us to be stakeholders and bearers of this purpose.

And to embody, day after day, a mutual model for tomorrow, a mutualism of action.

Thierry MARTEL

Our fundamental purpose is a permanent part of us. It guides our actions and our projects, and helps us reinvent our business, to ensure we continue to improve service to our customers

Thierry Martel
Chief Executive Officer