Insuring tomorrow with confidence

Because insurance is a business based on trust…
Because our customers must have trust in the advice that we give them…
Because when you are well insured, you can approach life with confidence…
Because we can have confidence in ourselves and in the future of the Group…

…we share the ambition of being insurers who insure tomorrow with confidence

Positionning : The manifesto

“Confidence is an essential value for Groupama because it is at the heart of our profession as an insurer and supported every day by our 41,300 mutualist elected representatives. It is this mindset that guides the group’s actions vis-à-vis its members, customers, employees and partners so that it offers innovative services and support changes in society”.
Jean-Yves Dagès, Chairman of Groupama


The Group’s positioning


We put our different brands to work for our customers, as well as our different ways of experiencing the same brand within the regions (Regional Mutuals, Gan networks). We are proud of this insurer mind-set, which is shared by all employees.
We take this opportunity to reiterate the usefulness of our profession; we stand with our customers at key moments in their life.


Services viewed as the market standards, brands with more than 100 years of history. The Group shares its pioneering spirit in insurance. We strive to move in step with a changing society and to be a group rooted in modernity and progress.
We know we can always do more for our customers, employees and society. Our creative mind-set prompts us to challenge ourselves on a daily basis.


Confidence is a key aspect of insurance, banking and finance. Without confidence, the sector would collapse.
It enabled us to weather the economic crisis of October 2011 and keep this crisis from affecting the brands’ customers.
Confidence is at the core of our organisational system: the Groupama group, which is decentralised and holds each entity accountable, can only function if mutual confidence takes root and blossoms between the corporate and decentralised levels.

Our approach to the insurance business has led the Group to focus its actions on its employees and customers. Employees need to have confidence, in the future and in the group. Similarly, customers – the focus of the Group’s action plans – can only be won over or cultivated if they have the highest degree of confidence.
The Group is therefore developing a dynamic social model to serve its customers through companies that are a great place to work and build a career.