Gan “Insured to advance”

Gan in figures

  • 850 multi-line agents for Gan Assurances
  • 600 partner brokers for Gan Eurocourtage
  • 500 advisors for Gan Prévoyance
  • 400 agents for Gan Patrimoine

The insurer of entrepreneurs

Two multi-line insurance networks, Gan Assurances and Gan Eurocourtage, as well as two specialised networks, Gan Patrimoine and Gan Prévoyance, carry the Gan brand. With specific positioning: Gan is for the daring, for all those who, from project to project, take an entrepreneurial approach to life. Bold, builders through and through, these men and women are part of a community of spirit and values. Whether employees or self-employed, they are responsible and pragmatic.

An active partnership

Gan is committed to meeting the expectations of its customers by establishing a relationship built on accessible expertise and individual recognition.
To support customer projects that constantly change and reinvent themselves, Gan created “expert monitoring”. The “Expert Monitoring” promise brings to life the commitment to customers and is characterised by four fundamental pillars:

• Advice, based on knowledge of customers, their needs, and their private and professional environment (sectoral, affinity, etc. approaches),

• Availability and responsiveness, reflected in the ability to provide a quick solution to customers, regardless of the entry point of their request (agency, advisor, telephone, Internet, etc.),

• Tailored solutions, adapted from a full range of products and services, including banking, relying on internal or external specialists,

• Monitoring over time, the basis of a relationship of trust, a special relationship with customers, offering them a risk review when changes in their individual and/or professional situation require it.

Being insured to advance

By offering its customers the opportunity to be insured to advance, Gan targets those individuals or professionals who want to know that they are well insured for any possibility and feel well advised. And thus have the means to bring their plans to life.


The story of Gan begins in the late 18th century with the creation of two insurance companies: La Royale (1786), the first insurance company created in France and which became La Nationale in 1948, and Le Soleil (1829). Both were nationalised in 1946.

In 1968, Georges Pompidou, then prime minister, presented to the Council of Ministers the restructuring of the 34 nationalised insurance companies into 4 groups:

• Groupe des Assurances Nationales (GAN), resulting from the merger of La Nationale, Le Soleil, and Caisse Fraternelle de Capitalisation,

• Union des Assurances de Paris (UAP),

• Assurances Générales de France (AGF),

• Mutuelles Générales Françaises (MGF).

In 1998, on the conclusion of a privatisation procedure involving major international groups, Groupama acquired Gan, which was the no. 4 insurer in France at the time and a group whose business activities complemented those of Groupama. Four independent companies then emerged: Gan Assurances, Gan Eurocourtage, Gan
Patrimoine and Gan Prévoyance. These four companies bear the “Gan” brand, which became the Groupama group’s no. 2 trademark.

2010 was the beginning of new brand strategy embodied by the signature: “Insured to advance” and the launch of “Gan Expert Monitoring” in communications. . In 2011, Groupama sold the non-life insurance portion of Gan Eurocourtage to Allianz and kept the group insurance businesses, which jmerged into oined Groupama Gan Vie, within which the name of Gan Eurocourtage was kept.


Distribution networks

Four networks carry the Gan brand :


Gan Assurances
Gan Assurances
The no. 4 network of multi-line agents in France with 950 multi-line agents, Gan Assurances provides its 1.5 million customers with a complete line of insurance and banking products and services suited to the needs of professionals, companies and individuals.



Gan Patrimoine
Gan Patrimoine
The spearhead of wealth management within the group, Gan Patrimoine’s 300 agents offer high-end customers a diversified range of wealth management solutions (life insurance, savings, protection insurance, REIT, physical property, etc.).



Gan Prévoyance
Gan Prévoyance
Specialists in individual and family social protection for over 65 years, the 750 Gan Prévoyance advisors sell protection, health, retirement, savings and rental property solutions to professional and private customers.



Gan Eurocourtage
In close collaboration with 600 core partner brokers, Gan Eurocourtage offers group insurance solutions – protection, health, retirement, employee savings, borrower, affinity, and international – to business leaders and their employees.