Creators of success 2018

Last September, 6 Top successes were selected among 31 projects presented by all the companies of the Group. Those 6 TOP successes were presented in short videos. The Group’s employees and visitors of Groupama.com voted for their favorite successes in November 2018. The 3 winners were rewarded during an official ceremony, on December 6th.

The 3 successes obtaining the highest number of votes are:

  • 1st prize :  Sondes à fourrage connectées (Groupama Grand Est and Groupama d’Oc)
  • 2nd prize : Healpy (Groupama Sigorta)
  • 3d prize : Keybox by Groupama (Groupama Loire Bretagne)

During the ceremony, a special prize was given to the success SwELP (Groupama Grand Est).

For the POCAIMON Group challenge (Process Optimization Conceived by Artificial Intelligence for MONey), an exclusive prize was also given to i Média (Amaline Assurances).

Here are the videos of the  TOP successes :


Groupama Loire Bretagne launched Keybox by Groupama to provide services to its clients companies which need specialists. The goal is to offer these companies the know-how and the expertise of Groupama’s employees in several areas, mostly human resources, prevention and health.


You just have to say “OK Google. Parlez à Amaguiz” to your Google Home or your smartphone and Héloïz, the virtual assistant, ask you 5 questions to estimate your home insurance rate. Then, a tariff is sent by SMS and an appointment is proposed with an Amaguiz advisor.


My Protection is a unique insurance policy offered by Groupama Assicurazioni in Italy. It is a comprehensive insurance package which covers 4 risks (Life, Health, Home and Wealth Management). My Protection is a simple insurance package tailored to the customer’s needs.


Thanks to the mobile application “connected farm” (KOMI), farmers have their farms under complete monitoring and they gain in more serenity, productivity, time and reactivity. The app regroups agricultural connected objects accessible by their smartphone: video surveillance, connected fence, milk tankers, probes, etc.


Groupama Sigorta launched Healpy, a mobile application with many services for its health insurance customers and prospects (identification and location of the nearest hospital approved by Groupama, nutritional advices…). The application promotes physical activity for everyone by counting daily steps. Each step results in a donation for the purchase of wheelchairs.


sondes EN
To contribute to prevent the fodder auto-combustion risk, Groupama Grand Est and Groupama d’Oc propose connected probes to its customers. The probes detect an abnormal increase in temperature of the fodder and avoid the fire risk by sending an SMS.