Ma carte grise le temps d’un café

2017 Creators of success

Last September, 6 Top successes were selected among 28 projects presented by all the companies of the Group. Those 6 TOP successes were presented in short videos. The Group’s employees and visitors of voted for their favorite successes in November 2017. The 3 winners were rewarded during an official ceremony, on December 7th.

The 3 successes obtaining the highest number of votes are:

  • 1st prize :  “Ma carte grise le temps d’un café
  • 2nd prize : “Noé”
  • 3d prize : “SantinoSafetySystem”


Here are the videos of the 6 Top successes:

  • “Ma carte grise le temps d’un café”
  • “SantinoSafetySystem”
  • “Vigielent”
  • “”
  • “Noé”
  • “Offre Nouvelles Mobilités Automobile”


Ma carte grise le temps d’un café

Groupama Paris Val de Loire, in partnership with, now offers two quick and simple solutions for registering your vehicle: close to home in a Groupama agency or online via the client space. The service is free for our members and prospects. It is quick – the time it takes to have a coffee break! It positions Groupama, which plays an important role within the socio-economic fabric of its region, as a real facilitator of everyday life.


SantinoSafetySystem is a high-tech tool created to encourage drivers not to use their mobile phone while driving. It prevents and reduces road accidents thanks to a small connected tracker linked to an app. It prevents any calls or messages being visible to the driver while he/she is behind the wheel. An innovative concept which has already won over 40,000 people!


Vigielent is a mobile app allowing drivers of abnormal loads or slow vehicles to notify other road users of their location in real time. Being aware of slow vehicles on the road prevents accidents and helps improve road safety.


Groupama has launched, the first route generator allowing users to compare the fastest journey (traditionally offered by all GPS systems) and the safest journey between point A and point B. The service is accessible to everyone and is entirely free of charge. The Groupama Centre Atlantique, Groupama d’Oc and Groupama Loire Bretagne regional mutuals have been promoting the system at the regional level.


Noé is an innovative remote home assistance service, featuring a tactile tablet, fall-detection bracelet and apps. Noé combines 24/7 security and quality of life thanks to the numerous services included, as well as responding to seniors’ needs and reassuring their friends and family. This project, designed in agile mode, makes Groupama part of its clients’ everyday lives and a partner for life for all generations.

nouvelles mobilités

The “New Mobility” service allows Groupama members with motor insurance to see their cover extended to new types of mobility (car-sharing, carpooling, etc.). This gives them the benefit of their policy's essential cover when they rent a vehicle. Groupama also covers the difference between the excess claimed by the renter in the event of damage to the vehicle and the amount specified in the Groupama policy. No more nasty surprises!