Creator of successes 2016

For this second edition “Creators of Successes”, 45 successes were presented by the entities of Groupama. Among those 45 successes, 6 “Top successes” were selected by HR, “Métiers” and Communications members :

  • Groupama car, the mobile travelling branch
  • L’appli auto My Angel, an app for car insurance
  • The electronic safe
  • I’m going to stop complaining at work!
  • The Groupama mutual certificates
  • Groupama OnBoard

Those 6 TOP successes were presented in short videos. The Group’s employees and internet fans of the Groupama Facebook page voted for their favorite successes in November 2016.

The 3 successes obtaining the highest number of votes are:

  • 1st prize :  Groupama OnBoard
  • 2nd prize : Groupama Car, the mobile travelling branch
  • 3d prize : “My Angel”, an app for car insurance

Top Success – Groupama OnBoard

Groupama OnBoard is a behavioural driving service aimed at young drivers, launched by Groupama Loire Bretagne and Groupama Grand Est. The principle: the better you drive, the more you save on your insurance premium. The data on journeys, brakings, accelerations, turns, number of kilometers, are all registered by a control box which has been installed in the car. All this data is then analysed by the Groupama OnBoard app. The result? A driving score and personalised driving advice..…

Top Success – Groupama Car

Groupama car is a mobile travelling branch. There are two of them in Groupama Rhône-Alpes Auvergne. They tour 5 days a week, visiting areas where there are no branches. It is not very different from a traditional branch, only it is… mobile! The innovation here is the combination of the "good old days" mobile commerce concept with the possibilities of the digital area, which allows the driver of the mobile car to have everything on his or her fingertips…

Top Success – My Angel

Groupama Assicurazioni (subsidiary of Groupama in Italy) launched the first app on the Italian market which can manage clients' claims in real-time and on the spot! It can also tell the insurer where his car is parked, and make him better understand his driving style. Of course, it operates in real time 7/7 and 24/24! And it enables Groupama Assicurazioni to manage claims in no more than 6 days. Clients are very satisfied. 65,000 people have already downloaded My Angel…

Top Success – The electronic safe

In several companies of Groupama (Groupama Gan Vie, Gan Assurances, Gan Patrimoine, Gan Prévoyance, Groupama Supports & Services et Groupama SA), payslips can now be filed and archived in a digital safe. All important personal documents can also be put away in the safe: bills, photos, passports, driving licenses… No more risk of losing it all! All these documents are stored for 50 years. All important and official documents accessible anywhere, anytime!

Top Success – I’m going to stop complaining at work!

A 21 days challenge held by Groupama Protection Juridique to help volunteers stop complaining at work, express their frustration, get the cooperation of others and appreciate all the positive things around them! So employees can become drivers of solutions rather than sufferers of situations!….

The Groupama mutual certificates

Groupama was the first mutual to launch this new kind of financial tool, created by the French law for insurance mutuals. The aim is to help them enhance their financial strength. Their clients are concerned, too: with these mutual certificates, they are presented with a sure means for putting money aside. Moreover, the mutual certificates enhance the link between the clients and their mutual…


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