Liability Insurance for drone pilots in Hungary

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In Hungary, from 1st of January 2021 drone pilots are obliged to get liability cover by law for their drones. Groupama is the first market player to launch this type of online product.

We reduced down the whole time-to-market process to 3 months including product, process and front-end development. Due to additional slow and backward Governmental administrative actions which disappoint pilots a lot, our primary intension was to prepare the smoothest, fastest and most user-friendly offer-making process we could.

Main drivers:

  • Insurance, right away-we send out the coverage certificate in an email right after the online bankcard payment.
  • Simple, smooth and intuitive process-the application has many user-friendly solutions, such as simplified data requests, google based address input, transparent and detailed offer aggregation page.
  • Minimal design-by reducing the number of elements and text on the screens, users can really focus to the process, without any distraction.
  • Promotion code-several sets of promo codes have been parametrized to target different customer segments very easily and efficiently for different purposes.

Customer satisfaction is 4,68 (out of 5) after 500 new policies. Some feedback:

“It’s great I immediately got the insurance, no need to meet in person.”

“Easy to use, transparent and modern interface.”

“Perfect, fast and clear. Thank you!”

Our offer is fully web based:

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