Pro’Ximité Services

Groupama Gan Vie et Gan Prévoyance

The professional market, numbering more than 4 million business leaders, has been particularly badly hit by the almost total cessation of activity linked to the Covid-19 crisis. Many professionals were ill equipped to cope with such a sudden crisis, and had to deal with a very large volume of complicated information, of sometimes uncertain reliability, to be deciphered. Immediately upon announcement of the lockdown, professionals were presented with two major concerns: how to maintain cash flow, and how to continue or restart business activity in these unprecedented times?

At the same time, the business market is of strategic importance for the Group’s companies, and the long-distance relationships imposed by the health crisis, in addition to customers’ growing mistrust of insurance companies, has had a negative impact on the number of interactions between advisors and customers or prospects.

The project therefore enables Gan Prévoyance and Groupama employees to offer support, and in this way deepen their relationships with business customers by lending them decisive support during this period of uncertainty.

It provides a very easy-to-use web platform based on three main tools aimed at helping advisors to support business professionals during the Covid-19 crisis and presented from a customer perspective, even though it is accessible only to advisors.

Advisors can use three different tools to support their customers:

  1. The public assistance eligibility simulator, meeting business professionals’ needs to secure their cash flow, created in partnership with Sapiendo. In just a few clicks, it verifies that customers have taken full advantage of all “special Covid-19” public assistance to which they are entitled.
  2. The “health measures” advice sheets, in response to business professionals’ needs to continue or resume their activity, provide confirmation that the customer has implemented the full range of required health protection measures for the physical presence of their customers and employees. Advice sheets covering more than 50 professions have been selected for this purpose.
  3. The expert hotline puts professionals who have complex questions in touch with experts in special government Covid-19 assistance (Sapiendo hotline) or legal experts (Groupama legal protection hotline).

The added value of this project is that it provides an immediate, easy-to-access response, transforming a difficult situation into an opportunity to provide greater local support for business customers and to establish us as an everyday partner.