Offre 2/3 Roues

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The 2/3-wheeler market in France is a large market, but above all it is an extremely dynamic market, currently booming, both in the traditional 2-wheeler segment (125 cm3, mopeds) and in a new segment, i.e. personal transporters (electric scooters, unicycles, etc.).

Hence the Group decided to launch a new product.

GGE, GRAA, G2S and GMA staff started from scratch, with the aim of rolling out a new product across France within 18 months at most. From flipchart to real life in a year and a half was a real challenge.

We updated our cover, repositioned our prices in the marketplace and, importantly, designed a new sales support system, called Wheely.

Less than a year after the project started, in December 2020, GGE and GRAA were selling their first motorbike policies. By June 2021, the full product range was available (motorbikes, mopeds, quadbikes, personal transporters of all kinds) and eight mutuals immediately rolled it out. The last two are due to do so by the end of 2021.

How it works:

Adopting web standards, Wheely makes sales advisors feel at ease dealing with customers thanks to its smooth, intuitive interface and improved control over the policy signature process. It is consequently easier to present new types of cover and new services. Innovation and protection go hand-in-hand in our product thanks to the connected services of Liberty Rider, an app that detects falls and automatically alerts the emergency services.

Some very different business lines worked closely on this project, despite the Covid crisis. From developers to salespeople, the whole Project Group was talking the same language and pulling in the same direction: build the most important part first, test it in real life, and quickly. Production cycles (Agile method), prioritised by business value, required a collectively pragmatic, frugal and creative approach. We incorporated the requirements of customers, salespeople and all entities so that the product was as community-based as possible and satisfied the largest number. A solid team spirit enabled us to adapt to the product’s tough constraints and achieve an outcome matching our hopes.