Interopérabilité durable en assurances collectives

Groupama Centre-Atlantique et Groupama Méditerranée

  • Goal

Reinforce the expertise of the management teams to support the network and establish the legitimacy of the regional mutuals in the life and health insurance market

  • Solution

Sustainable interoperability of management services between regional mutuals  in the area of group insurance.

  • How it works

A regional mutual sets up an expert teams with a critical size on specialized perimeters in order to put them at the service of other regional mutuals on a permanent basis.

For each delegated area, the senior and junior employees have access to the delegated fund’s information system to process management operations and answer telephone calls from companies and affiliates.

  • Added value

This organization strengthens collective efficiency in a sustainable manner, enhances the value of employees through their expertise, increases customer satisfaction in the corporate market and optimizes management costs.