Groupama myCheetah mobile App

Groupama Asfalistiki (Grèce)

Groupama myCheetah is the successor of Cheetah Desktop platform launched back in 2013. With Cheetah, Groupama Asfalistiki made a significant impact in the Greek insurance market 7 years ago, since it was the first of its kind and it was highly acknowledged by agents of that time. Now, with myCheetah, Groupama Asfalistiki’s networks are able to fully serve their customers (existing and/or potential) through their mobile smart devices in multiple ways such as:

  • Provide real time information on all existing customers’ policies (covers, renewals, claims, payments) as well as pending applications’ progress allowing post submission interactions.
  • Enhanced search capabilities using various parameters (Names, Taxation number, Social Security number, policy number, plate number, Vessel name) returning results related to contracting and dependent members.
  • Initiate sales pitches by performing fast quotation in all LoB and sending offers via email.
  • Finalize sales process by submitting application for Health/Life LoB (other to follow shortly) accompanied by all necessary documents that can be uploaded directly from the device, ensuring that all entries are fully compliant with Groupama Asfalistiki underwriting rules.
  • Trigger e-signature and e-consent process according to EU and Bank of Greece directives (i.e. GDPR, FATCA/CRS).
    • Monitor portfolio by providing information in numerical and graphical presentation on: o Uncollected premiums
    • – Redirection for online payments
    • – Commissions for collected and non-collected premiums
    • – Partners Wallet (Print2Pay) information and monitoring (undertake obligations on behalf of customers in order policies not to be canceled)
    • Incentives and Bonus monitoring, displaying detailed progress information on achieved goals as well as remaining ones, introducing gamifications.

The objective of this project was to improve network’s journey and experience, aiming to the digital transformation of the insurance market by eliminating hardcopies and physical paperwork, improving also customers’ journey by providing immediate service according to their needs. On top of that, full synchronization between myCheetah App and earlier Cheetah desktop platform offers a unique working environment to partners either at their office, home or on every day business.