Groupama Game’Up

Groupama Loire Bretagne

Groupama’s Game’Up project aims to promote awareness of the often overlooked insurance sector, and to increase the attractiveness of its business lines:

– To introduce the richness and diversity of our mutual insurance business lines.

– To play a role in bringing together the worlds of education and economics.

– To establish Groupama as a preferred employer at local level!

The Groupama Game’Up mobile application, which can be downloaded from app stores, offers users:

– A meaningful introduction to the world of insurance and its business lines: The game will help players to understand the purpose of insurance in their lives as consumers. They will then be taken on a journey where they will meet enthusiastic employees: Léa (Compensation Officer), Louis (Branch Sales Advisor) and Nicolas (Remote Customer Advisor), to see life behind the scenes…

– An innovative educational development: This “Serious Game” provides students with an enjoyable opportunity to explore their career paths that is as close as possible to the realities of the insurance profession.

– A unique sensory experience: Users ride electric scooters or snowboards as they go on a unique adventure featuring virtual reality sequences on their mobile phone, with or without Cardboards (virtual reality glasses provided by Groupama).

Through 3 scenarios, users explore 3 different worlds providing an insight into daily life in Groupama’s insurance business. Players complete the assigned missions, receiving numerous tips to provide them with peace of mind in their daily lives via best practice guides and information sheets.