Gan Santé mobile application

Groupama Gan Vie et Groupama Supports et Services

The Gan Santé application is a sort of mobile counterpart of the customer space. It enables policyholders to download their mutual insurance card so that they can easily find it on their smartphone, even in offline mode. The app offers them the ability to then share their card very easily with their beneficiaries or pharmacy, including via a QR Code. Using the app, policyholders can also:

  • View their healthcare refunds for the last 30 days,
  • Submit their invoices and quotes (management services immediately receive the requests in service boxes with the correct EDM reference, ensuring efficient processing and reducing management time to provide high service quality)
  • Geolocate a health professional (6 professions are listed: opticians, hearing-aid acousticians, dental surgeons, chiropractors, implantologists and osteopaths) and thus promote the Séveane network and its benefits
  • Submit a request for hospital care cover using a very simple process: an email template is configured in the app and the policyholder need only enter their personal information (contact details and hospital stay dates).

A “Did you know?” section complements the range of useful services available, providing personalised information based on each network and types of products subscribed to.

In particular, the application addresses the following issues:

– Paperless solutions, with the Third-Party Payer certificate in electronic format and a reduction in the number of faxes and physical letters for health refunds and Health Service quotes  Groupama’s eco-responsible approach

– Reduce the time taken to process requests for quotes and reimbursement 

Customer satisfaction

– Reduce processing costs by management teams with documents that are already standardised and will ultimately be injected directly into EDM

Lastly, the launch of the app also has a positive effect in terms of image, as offering this new method of communication to policyholders improves the customer experience.

To save costs and time, the application has been produced as a “white label’ using the same technical code as the Groupama et Moi version in “Feature Flipping” mode. It makes full use of smartphones’ “Camera”, “Geolocation”, “Offline mode”, “Mapping” and “Route calculation” functions. This makes it easy and very quick for the Gan Santé application to take advantage of new Groupama et Moi features. User experience and customer satisfaction are improved through regular upgrades, with the short-term integration of notifications for any new reimbursements, access to “Mutuaide” services (“Gabriel” app functions, 2019 “Top Succès” awards) and improved authentication through the use of facial recognition and fingerprint technology.