Digitalisation des évènements internes

Groupama Centre Manche


The project provides a means for informing and mobilising employees, and conveying strategically important corporate messages using an original, engaging format which can be adapted to Covid-19 related restrictions on gatherings while maintaining close links to employees.

In response to this challenge, a far-reaching consultation on the event, its format, implementation and “staging” was carried out, with the following objectives:

– To maintain close links to employees.

– To generate excitement despite the absence of contact.

– To capture and maintain employees’ attention.

– To preserve the level of understanding of key messages.

– To generate direct interactions with employees.

– To ensure that remote employees feel valued.

– To maintain managerial leadership and company life.

The common theme for all digital events is to create an interactive platform that enables participants to follow the narrative thread of the event.

And, at every digital event, efforts must be made to diversify content to enhance employee experience.

Via a drop-down menu, employees were given access to various media types to enliven the event and capture attendees’ attention:

– Videos of speeches, audio podcasts from the various presenters, photo slideshows.

– The first part of our recent convention was held live via Teams (speech by the CEO, round tables, Q&A sessions), and the second part was on the web platform via interactive quizzes and videos spotlighting the talents of our employees.

To maintain the event’s participatory aspect, we finished with a live Q&A chat via the Teams application.

Lastly, employees completed an online quiz enabling us to measure their engagement, feelings, state of mind and understanding of the messages being presented.

How has work on the new site gone?

We partnered with a communication agency to produce the interactive web platform. We were then able to duplicate and customise it for the other events.

This platform acts as a springboard for producing the other events.

The agency’s involvement was strictly technical; GCM retained graphical and editorial control over the platform. All content production (audio podcast recordings / filming and video editing / live recording and broadcasting, etc.) was handled by the internal communication team using internal resources.

What is the employee experience like?

Depending on the content, employees have a given amount of time to browse through the site and absorb the messages at their own pace.

Another common thread for these events has been gamification, with quizzes, interactions with chat sequences, and live questions and answers.

Employee experience has been at the centre of these events.

For the digital convention, in order to avoid any possible technical problems (connection, etc.) and ensure that messages had been communicated, all of the live content was pre-recorded and was available in the form of videos and podcasts via the event platform.

The innovative aspects of the project are:

– An increased desire at each event to create genuine technical innovation that brings together the various skills found at GCM: production/’recording/broadcasting of the convention’s live stream, in just two weeks, directly via our internal resources.

– To ensure we have a well-established system that is valued by our employees, enabling us to cope with the uncertainties associated with changes in the epidemic situation and any administrative measures that may need to be taken over the coming months. This type of digital event offers a quick and easy way of bringing together our 1,300 employees spread over eight departements of France.

– To reduce costs / eliminate employee travel (CSR)