Robot devis dentaire

Groupama d'Oc, Groupama Supports et Services and Groupama Assurances Mutuelles

Nowadays, the processing of dental quotes is a manual activity that consists of retrieving quotes received from members and scanned into the EDM to analyse them, one by one, removing irrelevant cases, and re-entering the data into a Health Information System (GDO) application, enabling them to be processed electronically and feedback provided to the customer. In 2019, this low value-added activity involved between 20 and 25 managers in the regional mutuals and at GGVIE. The RAC0 reform, which has significantly increased the number of dental quotes received, has seen yet another major rise in this workload since early 2020 (+65% to date).

The aim of the project is to automate the processing of these quotes, freeing up a large portion of the time of the operators allocated to this work, and enabling them to be reassigned to expert tasks of higher added value.

The philosophy is to implement new automated software technology known as IPA (Intelligent Process Automation) incorporating an Artificial Intelligence module. These robots are able to recognise specific data in documents in a variety of formats. After training on several hundred representative documents (Machine Learning), they are capable of autonomously extracting the required data from all new documents they encounter – and with a high success rate. This data is then submitted to the main automated system itself, which implements an information system, just as a “human” worker would do, via input interfaces.

This “learning” robot solution is tailored to the end-to-end automation of complex processes requiring the interpretation of unstructured documents. It significantly extends the abilities of “traditional” automated software systems that are only capable of processing documents with a fixed structure.