Dispositif emprunteur

Groupama Gan Vie et Amaline

The goal of the Emprunteur (“credit risk”) project was to address an issue of process complexity. The Amaline/GGVie Emprunteur credit risk system makes life easier for salespeople by freeing up sales time, while customers are supported and relieved of the time-consuming administrative paperwork entailed in the sale of credit risk insurance. In practical terms, the system frees salespeople from Groupama branches from having to manage the sale of credit risk insurance contracts, enabling them instead to become drivers of business for Amaline/GGVie’s Emprunteur unit. Typically, the salesperson makes an Emprunteur unit appointment for their customer for the day and time of their choice. The Emprunteur unit then calls the customer back to produce a quote and support them through the sign-up process. Once the customer has given consent for the subscription, the Emprunteur unit then sends the customer a login link, enabling them to complete their subscription application online by filling in a health questionnaire and digitally signing it.

The innovation in this case is the genuinely omnichannel nature of the process, drawing on the strengths of each individual channel. Salespeople build customer trust and facilitate an increase in the volume of potential business in the credit risk insurance market. Use of the team

Amaline increases performance thanks to an expert team which is fully able to manage the complexity of the process and regulations. Lastly, the 100% digital completion process (including the medical aspect) is a particularly innovative advance this year, turning the credit risk insurance mechanism into a 100% lockdown-compatible process.