ATK (Agences to Kit)

Groupama Rhône-Alpes Auvergne

In recent years, the strong commitment shown by our teams and elected officials to their ecosystems, which helps to make our Company a key local player, has seen an increase in the number of local partnerships and given rise to numerous requests for local initiatives in support of branch development / expansion of influence (conquest / multi-equipment / loyalty).

Faced with this growth, stakeholders at local level do not always have the tools / responsiveness / autonomy / follow-up / sharing resources that they require to take action themselves… within a framework that has been secured / approved by the Head Office.

ATK is the resource that provides the support that the sales and institutional teams require to perform their local work. ATK provides resources that are available and useful for this work: the system also offers tailored versions of standard mechanisms. It includes customisable turnkey kits that are available for local use. These kits are grouped into various categories: Daily branch life / Development support / Risk management / Local partnerships. It also provides a means of monitoring the results and costs of these initiatives.

The kits are created, modified or withdrawn in accordance with local needs, and the success/profitability (or otherwise) of the initiatives implemented, by the Customer Communication and Marketing departments. The kits are available to the Sector Managers and Institutional Managers. Users order their activities individually, as they would in a store: they select their kit, then choose the products they require from among those available in the kit (emails, poster campaigns, SMS, flyers, mailshots, plasma screens, PowerPoint presentation media, web inserts, social media posts, etc.). They customise their products to suit their needs. Once the order has been placed, they track and manage it (budget / cost management / shipment tracking, business, etc.).

The innovative aspect of this tool lies in its ability to offer a personalised service, with a shared tool that is available to everyone. It provides a means of centralising, automating, implementing, producing and mutualising local initiatives. It brings autonomy to the local regions as they perform their local activities, tracking and (most importantly) sharing between regions. It also provides a means of tracking business results and monitoring budgetary issues for approved campaigns.