A full hybrid office

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A full hybrid office
  • Goal

Experiment a new approach to optimize the workload and the satisfaction of employees.

  • Solution

The combination of automation and humans:   a “full hybrid office” whose processes are based on a mix of tasks performed by ‘humans’ (underwriting, support to commercial networks, customer services, etc.) and by robots (most of the administrative tasks).

  • How it works

6 robots have been realized to perform repetitive administrative tasks. They add flexibility and wider capacity through task scheduling

A ‘Robot Manager’ job has been created within the team, who orchestrates  tasks  and allows employees to rely on the work done by the robots.

  • Added value

– Change the competence of the team, increase of engagement and  productivity and abetter psycho- physical balance of people

– Persons retrained and switched to more value-added tasks

– New operating model: routine and administrative tasks entrusted by robots, valuable client’s services by employees

– A reduction of 75% of the backlog not managed : from € 12,4 million to € 3,1 million (to be considered as a physiological backlog)

– Improved cash flows

– Portfolio of policies managed on time and ‘clean’, no longer active hedges