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Top Employer: 7 companies in the Group certified in 2023

Press - 24 January 2023

#employment #international

Groupama Loire Bretagne, Groupama Nord-Est, Groupama Assicurazioni (Italy), Groupama Asigurari (Romania), Groupama Sigorta (Turkey) have once again been certified as Top Employers. The list is complemented this year by two…


Top Employer: 5 Groupama companies certified in 2022!

Press - 3 February 2022

#employment #international

In 2014, it was Groupama Assicurazioni (Italy) that gave the impetus and launched the certification, which it has been obtained every year since then. Groupama Asigurari (Romania) followed suit in…


Groupama launches its internal training program #BST2.0!

Press - 27 April 2022


  The overall aim of the programme is to promote the development of existing talents and to mobilize these talents for the Group. It is a project co-managed by Group…


Groupama Driving Academy in Turkey

Press - 3 March 2021

#international #prevention

“Safe roads start with us!” Thanks to the partnership concluded with the company Intercity on 15th December 2020, Groupama Sigorta has launched its Driving Academy using the structure, logistics and…

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Liability Insurance for drone pilots in Hungary

Press - 18 May 2021

#innovation #international

We reduced down the whole time-to-market process to 3 months including product, process and front-end development. Due to additional slow and backward Governmental administrative actions which disappoint pilots a lot,…

The Groupama Group announces the closing of the acquisition, by its Hungarian subsidiary, Groupama Biztosító, of the Croatian insurance company OTP Osiguranje, subsidiary of OTP Bank Plc

Analyst - 31 August 2021


This transaction represents a growth driver for Groupama in a new high-potential market. It demonstrates the value of our long-term partnership with OTP Bank in Central and Eastern Europe. We…


Groupama celebrates its 30th anniversary in the Pacific!

Press - 20 December 2021


Through real-life experiences and stories, those of our customers but also those of our elected representatives and employees, these videos show the strong bond that has existed between Groupama and…