Top Employer: 5 Groupama companies certified in 2022!

3 February 2022

#employment #international


The Group has 5 Top Employer certified companies: 2 in France and 3 abroad!


In 2014, it was Groupama Assicurazioni (Italy) that gave the impetus and launched the certification, which it has been obtained every year since then. Groupama Asigurari (Romania) followed suit in 2018. 

In 2021, 3 more companies joined the certification, namely: Groupama Nord-Est, Groupama Loire Bretagne and Groupama Sigorta (Turkey). 

The Group now has 5 Top Employer 2022 certified companies. 

What is Top Employer Certification? 

The Top Employer certification is an audit of HR practices, which compares them to the best practices recognized in each country. 

To be certified, the company must complete a detailed survey, through the “HR Best Practices Survey” repository. This questionnaire contains 600 HR practices and is divided into 10 themes that cover the entire HR environment. The answers are validated, noted and the results are reported using an analysis that compares the company to its peers. 

By being certified, our 5 companies are recognized as Top Employer in their country and position themselves as the employer of choice in their sector!