Groupama Driving Academy in Turkey


Using the Group and 'Centaure' centers' experience in France, Groupama Sigorta wants to position itself as a Car Insurance Provider in Turkey.


“Safe roads start with us!”

Thanks to the partnership concluded with the company Intercity on 15th December 2020, Groupama Sigorta has launched its Driving Academy using the structure, logistics and professionals from their driving improvement center in Istanbul Park.The Intercity Driving Center is the most recognized driving center in Turkey, with driving conditions and day training programs, similar to those of the Centaur centers.

The Turkish subsidiary has chosen to offer a day driving course to some of its Motor customers, presented as a unique experience to live “Enjoy driving your car in exceptional road risk conditions.”



The main targets are employees using a company car, drivers of luxury cars and young drivers. In addition, in March, the Groupama Academy will also open to truck drivers, the Intercity center will also offer the possibility of driving  an equipped heavy-duty vehicle that simulates a lateral rollover.

The launch of the first training sessions took place at the end of December 2020, with employees using the company’s vehicles and general agents from Istanbul, who themselves became training ambassadors to their customers. Client sessions began in January 2021 and are organised every Wednesday with groups of 24 people They are very well appreciated :

A customer: “It’s nice, the  driving conditions here are really designed in detail and I think they simulate well what can happen in very difficult real life situations.”

Another customer: “The company I have motor  insurance with, they care about both my life and the lives of others.”

An agent: “I am really proud of my company which offers us, agents, and our customers this very useful training, a big thank you.”

Discover the video including customers and agents testimonials :