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The 2014 Registration Document

Analyst - 19 June 2015

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It includes in particular the 2014 consolidated financial statements of Groupama SA, the Report of the Chairman of the Board of Director’s on corporate governance procedures and on internal control…

Release of the 2014 Half Year Financial Report Groupama

Analyst - 28 August 2014


This document includes the half year 2014 consolidated financial statements, the half year activity report, the declaration by the person responsible for the Half Year Financial Report as well as…

2014 half-year results

Analyst - 31 July 2014


Stable premium income of €9.2 billion Selective development in France International growth Operating income in line with the Group’s strategy Strong improvement of the combined ratio in non-life insurance at…

Release of the 2013 Half Year Financial Report Groupama

Analyst - 28 August 2013


Groupama SA announces its Half Year Financial Report for 2013 is now available on its website and has been filed with the French stock exchange regulatory authority, l’Autorité des Marchés…

Press Release September 30th, 2011

Analyst - 3 October 2011


In order to strengthen the strategic role of the Risk management and Control function, and to separate it from the Investment operations, following organisation shall take effect on 1st October:…

Board of Directors of Groupama March 9, 2011

Analyst - 9 March 2011


The Board of Directors of Groupama, that met today to examine Consob opinion, has mandated the General Direction to study the possible options for the negotiation of a new agreement…

Groupama SA Supervisory Board October 24, 2011

Analyst - 24 October 2011


Jean Azéma, formerly CEO of the Caisse Centrale des Assurances Mutuelles Agricoles and of Groupama SA since June 2000, has left the Group. The priority of the new team will…

Results - 2008



2008 – Registration Document Groupama SA pdf – 1.57 Mo 02-18-2009 Full-year results Groupama – Press release pdf – 86.53 Ko…


Groupama Green Bond Report

Press - 8 July 2022


As of 31 December 2021, 100% of the €500 million issued have been allocated to green projects. The breakdown of the allocation was as follows: green buildings: 60.8% Infrastructures: 37.6%…

2007 half-year results : Good Performance and Vigorous Activity

Analyst - 29 August 2007


Jean Azéma, Chief Executive Officer of the group, said: “The good performances of this half year and, specifically, the improvement in the combined ratio of Groupama S.A. to 97.9% illustrate…