2014 half-year results

31 July 2014


Good performance in line with our strategic programme

Stable premium income of €9.2 billion

Selective development in France
International growth

Operating income in line with the Group’s strategy

Strong improvement of the combined ratio in non-life insurance at 98.5% (-2.4 points)
Part of the unit-linked products increased to 16.2% of the total reserves in individual savings (+2.9 points),
Economic operating income of €100 million

Net profit of €140 million

Solvency margin of 239%

Jean-Yves DAGES

The first half of 2014 confirms the success of Groupama in its strategy to reinforce its core business lines. Thanks to its rigorous and united mutualist governance system, the Group has continued to strengthen it financial solidity by prioritising the service provided to its members and customers.

Jean-Yves Dagès
Chairman of the Board of Directors of Groupama SA
Thierry MARTEL

In accordance with its strategic programme, the Group has substantially increased its operating income, developed its premium income in non-life insurance in France and abroad, continued the transformation of its life insurance product mix and successfully carried out financing operations. Groupama has therefore continued to build on the results of its mutualist strategy driven by business performance.

Thierry Martel
Chief Executive Officer of Groupama SA