Creators of success 2015

46 successes were presented for the first edition in 2015 of “Creators of success” by entities of the Groupama group. Five were pre-selected by the group’s communication and HR networks. These videos were submitted to a vote by Group employees as well as visitors to the Groupama Facebook page.


The winner: Mars ATACC* at Groupama d’Oc

Each employee and representative of the regional mutual was given a target of contacting five members by phone to update their contact information. For each update, donations were made. Over a period of 8 days, donations totalling nearly 50,000 euros were paid to charities…

* ATACC = French abbreviation for phone calls to improve customer knowledge

Createurs de succès 2015 – Mars Atacc de Groupama d’Oc

Opération vainqueur 2015, conçue par la caisse régionale Groupama d’Oc (ATACC = Appels Téléphoniques pour l’Amélioration de la Connaissance Clients).