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Welcome@GMA - Groupama Assurances Mutuelles

Presented at the 2019 TOP SUCCESSES, the Welcome@GMA mobile app is designed to integrate new employees by giving them a fun, professional, original, innovative adventure. The app supports newcomers by offering them a personalised integration process. The initial feedback has been positive, and other entities and initiatives have been drawn to the concept. Update with Nadia Atmani and Pauline Montauze of the Group HR Department and Emmanuel François of the GMA HR Department.

GMA - Application Welcome@GMA





What do the employees think of the app?

Pauline & Emmanuel: The app was launched in mid-September 2019, and around 30 employees have already used it. The initial feedback has been positive. The employees have been highly satisfied with the concept. Several of them have told us that they’ve never come across this type of solution at other companies. This tool is very rewarding in terms of employer brand image.

Was the Welcom’back app inspired by the Welcome@GMA app?

Nadia: The Welcome@GMA app was well received, so we decided to use the same format to launch Welcom’back. In the context of the COVID-19 health crisis and especially the gradual lifting of the lockdown since May, this app is providing support to employees for their return to the office. It tells them about the national guidelines as well as the measures taken by Groupama Assurances Mutuelles. Employees can consult this helpful information whenever and wherever they want.

What’s next?

Nadia: After it was launched at Groupama Assurances Mutuelles, the Welcome@GMA app appealed to other entities. It’s now active in Groupama Supports & Services, Groupama Loire Bretagne, and Groupama Paris Val de Loire. We’re currently rolling out the app with other Group companies.

What they have to say :

According to Safia Bouda, press agent in the Group Communications Department: “Welcome@GMA is an optimal supplement for HR support. The app provides an easy way to learn more about the group. In particular, the quizzes make users want to take a closer look at certain points. Welcome@GMA is a professional tool using personalised presentation videos, but it’s also a fun adventure thanks to the various challenges”.

Farah Ferhi, strategic and operational marketing manager in the DAEC, had this to say: “Welcome@GMA creates a strong connection before new employees arrive, allowing them to become immersed in the group’s corporate culture and human values. I’ve changed companies several times, and this is the first time I’ve come across an integration app like Welcome@GMA. It gives the group an attractive, dynamic image. For me, its added value is that it’s fun. You get caught up in the excitement quickly!”

La proximité by G2S - Groupama Supports et Services

Presented at the 2019 TOP SUCCESSES, La proximité by G2S provides a locally based service to all users of Groupama Supports & Services IT services. Two complementary pathways were developed at the same time: a locally based 'human' service with G2S Relay and 'virtual' proximity through the Proxim' chatbot. These two solutions support the employees on a daily basis, and they're highly satisfied with them! Sonia Arguelles, manager of the Customer Satisfaction initiative at Groupama Supports & Services, talks to us about the project.

G2S - La proximité by G2S





Can you tell us a little more about the deployment of G2S Relay?

Sonia: The geographical closeness that G2S Relay provides is highly appreciated, and it allows employee requests to be responded to quickly and efficiently. That’s why, after we deployed several sub-branches on Campus, we opened a sub-branch on Astorg for GMA employees and in Lyon for G2S employees. During the lockdown, G2S Relay adapted quickly, providing efficient remote service. Email and phone requests increased, and the teams found effective troubleshooting solutions. G2S Relay also supported the flow of workstation and smartphone incidents throughout France. For smartphones alone, there are no fewer than 160 service actions and 70 new requests! Lastly, the roll-out of the digital collaborative space (ECD) and the remote orientation of new employees led to even more support requests.

What about the Proxim’ chatbot?

Sonia: The two complementary solutions G2S Relay and Proxim’ are a dynamic duo! The chatbot is very ergonomic and allows everyday requests to be responded to quickly. The statistics show positive results, and new sections are added to Proxim’ several times a month. Our analysis of the questions and answers allowed us to create a relevant menu and add new themes to Proxim’. You can find dozens of answers to your EDC questions, request a guest WiFi code, or report a hardware problem.

What’s next?

Sonia: Building on this positive experience, new G2S Relays continue to be opened at other sites, and we are planning to open them with the regional mutuals who entrust their workstation management (GCA and GCM) to us in 2020.

The next steps for the Proxim’ chatbot are to deploy it more widely to new group entities, promote its use on smartphones, and add new actions to respond to requests relating to an ever-increasing number of topics. It will soon be accessible on Teams and from any device. In fact, you should be able to chat with it by the end of the year!

With the good and the bad - Groupama Asigurari

Presented at the 2019 TOP SUCCESSES, With the good and the bad is Groupama Asigurari's humorous, fun employer brand campaign providing a candid look at the company and its employees to convey the image of an honest, mature company. The campaign has been a real success in Romania, and it's still active on social networks with five influencers. Georgiana Miron, Director of Marketing, Communications, and Customer Service, and Judith Kis, Director of Human Resources and Logistics, tell us more.

Groupama Asigurari - 'With the good and the bad' Employer branding campaign





What has been the internal reaction to the campaign?

Judith: The teams have been very involved in the campaign internally. The expression “With the good and the bad” is widely used and is now part of our corporate culture. The reason is simple: we’ve begun to make use of the idea that nobody’s perfect. We all have our flaws, but that’s what makes us unique and true. That’s why it was very simple and natural for our employees to respond to the campaign and relay it.

Is this communication campaign seeing a new life?

Georgiana: We’ve continued the With the good and the bad communication campaign on social networks with five influencers. We selected influencers who have high visibility and large audiences and operate in various sectors: travel, innovation, lifestyle, family, and IT. The influencers each had to share a video of our campaign, then make their own video and broadcast it to challenge their audience. The second video met the same specifications as ours, highlighting a quality as well as a shortcoming, and also encouraged followers to participate too.

Is this new challenge another success?

Georgiana: This challenge worked very well, since many Web users responded by sharing Groupama’s video and making their own video featuring a quality and a shortcoming. The hashtags #Groupama and #Withthegoodandthebad were used to track responses and increase the campaign’s visibility. It generated a very good coverage rate with more than 36,000 views on Facebook and more than 8,000 views on YouTube.

The campaign is still underway, and we hope these good results will continue!

Click here to see the video by lifestyle influencer and TV host Cosmin Tudoran!

Univ'Gan - Gan Assurances

Presented at the 2019 TOP SUCCESSES, the Univ'Gan app makes it possible to adapt training to the needs and constraints of learners, in particular by making it more accessible both in substance through simple, fun content and in form through its ergonomics, accessible on a smartphone. The general agents have been very appreciative of this app, and it's been expanded to include the employees. Update with the project team.






Has the app been rolled out to a wider audience?

Univ’Gan has been a real success with general agents: “You’ve heard us“, “Super, a real app“, “We were impressed“. The available training courses are fun and interactive, making them more impactful and informative. Because this fun initiative was greatly appreciated, it was rolled out to the company’s employees in late 2019 and early 2020 and very recently to the employees of the branches. The app allows training courses to be managed according to profile for an even more personalised experience.

What are the initial results?

The initial results have been very positive. We currently offer 30 different training courses, compared with 14 at the start of the project, and more than 1,000 logins recently, compared with 400 at the launch. In addition, the fact that the training courses can be accessed directly on smartphones and tablets makes using Univ’Gan on a daily basis even easier.

What’s next?

We’re going to continue updating the training courses and articles available to learners. And we’re available to everyone to explain our plan. We’d love to see other entities develop the same tool!

Project team:

Launch: Olivier Montbazet, Laurie Sadoudi, Marianne Véron

Since 2020: Sylvie Colas, Marion Fabbio

Communication disruptive #Risk

Presented at the2019 TOP SUCCESSES, the #Risk disruptive communication campaign was launched by Groupama Sigorta to support the brand's visibility, building on two highlights of the year, Valentine's Day and summer, with the hashtags #PrendsDesRisquesPourlAmour and #VivreCestPrendreDesRisques. Made up of video clips broadcast on social networks, this campaign and its principle were reused for other initiatives in 2020. Frédérique Guegan Tayar, Director of Marketing and Communications, tells us more.

deniz kestanesi






What are the initial results?

Frédérique: The campaign on these two highlights of 2019 worked very well. The messages use the positive notion of risk taken by everyone in their everyday life, while Groupama is there for insurable risks. It was even named best “Insurance and Finance” communication by the 2019 Sardis awards. We decided to reuse it for Valentine’s Day this year. For a week on social media and YouTube, a budget was allocated to reach more than 4 million impressions.

Has there been any follow-up to this communication campaign?

Frédérique: To convey a reassuring message about the COVID-19 situation, we reused a similar concept. We set up three video clips and the hashtag #LesRisqueQuiManquent for a fun way to express how many risk situations that may seem insignificant, in the areas of auto, health, and travel, have come to be overlooked in a lockup period. This campaign once again demonstrates that Groupama is and will always be there to support policyholders in these risks.

Tell us about the reaction to this new campaign.

Frédérique: In a way, this campaign has served to reassure the public. We were among the few companies to use a disruptive campaign in full lockdown. A Turkish marketing magazine ranked the campaign among the top 5 morale-boosting campaigns during this COVID-19 period. Over a total period of four weeks, we had excellent results with 13 million impressions and 3.5 million views of our videos. A photo challenge on Instagram associated with the campaign had 2,500 participants in five days. A dozen influencers posted this campaign on their social media pages for greater visibility.

View the campaign’s two mini-films, subtitled in French:


araba çiziği





ıslak zemin





Presented at the 2019 TOP SUCCESSES, the RÉ-UNIS initiative calls on the creativity of Groupama Centre Manche employees. The original idea? Since they are the first users of their workspace, they should be agents of change so that they can take ownership of the new dynamic spaces made available to them. To do this, the RÉ-UNIS team relied on a network of correspondents to inform the teams and set up a series of events. Sandrine Lelièvre, Human Resources Director at Groupama Centre Manche, talks to us about this initiative.






How was the RÉ-UNIS initiative received by GCM employees?

Sandrine: The challenge was twofold: to support the 400 employees of the Le Mans management site both in moving into their new offices and in the ways of working related to these new workspaces.

They were involved in every phase of this transition. The method proved to be appropriate, because 93% of employees at the Le Mans site are satisfied and highly satisfied with the support put in place according to the survey we conducted a few weeks after they moved into the current offices.

Has RÉ-UNIS been rolled out at other sites?

Sandrine: The RÉ-UNIS initiative was launched in connection with the redevelopment of the Le Mans management site and has always been designed to benefit all GCM employees. It goes hand in hand with our desire to develop teamwork and aims to continuously improve the shared use of workspaces. The RÉ-UNIS initiative has therefore spread to all Groupama Centre Manche sites since the TOP SUCCESSES.

RÉ-UNIS sparked many actions, such as setting up inspirational conferences and Happy Cleaning Days and creating a chatbot (virtual assistant) to locate meeting rooms. We are capitalising on this experience to drive this initiative at the other management sites, whether for future projects or not. For each site, we’re reusing a proven method. We call on correspondents-employee representatives-and involve them in this collaborative initiative.

What’s next?

Sandrine: We are developing RÉ-UNIS across all the management sites on a daily basis. Listening, support, appropriation, and continuous improvement remain the hallmarks.

An important step will be the launch of the RÉ-UNIS branch version. We’ve used the same recipe: making the employees working in the territory’s 171 GCM branches agents of change. In practice, this means asking for their opinions through a series of interviews and on-site visits. It’s a lot of work upstream, in the field, to build the branch of tomorrow together: a branch that should be modern and functional, make employees comfortable, and provide a quality welcome and service for members.


Vivi Groupama

Presented at the 2019 TOP SUCCESSES, the ViviGroupama project is Groupama Assicurazioni's first loyalty programme for customers, designed to offer agents a new relationship-building tool, useful for building customer loyalty and promoting new products and services. Update with Raffaela Cori and Valerio Amici of the Marketing and Communications Department.

Groupama Assicurazioni - Vivi Groupama





Pourquoi ce programme de fidélité est-il important ?

Why is this loyalty programme important?

Valerio: The main goal of this programme is to establish a longer-term relationship with our customers with more frequent contact. It will also make it possible to:

  • Develop contact possibilities
  • Provide the Agents network with a useful tool to increase traffic within the Branch
  • Promote new products and services
  • Strengthen customer loyalty
  • Facilitate product purchases to globalise the customer by applying entry-level discounts
  • Encourage the purchase of new insurance policies and services

How does it work for the agent?

Raffaela: The agents have access to a dedicated platform providing a real-time updated view of their registered customers and a way to monitor their participation (actions undertaken, premiums requested).

And how does it work for the customer?

Valerio: The ViviGroupama programme has been integrated into the Groupama Assicurazioni institutional app in the dedicated field. Customers can simply download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play and sign up in the Reserved Area and for the loyalty programme with a single click.

This programme gives them the opportunity to interact and earn points that they can convert into discounts on new insurance policies. The main goal is to encourage cross-selling on strategic products.

Tell us about the initial results.

Raffaela: The ViviGroupama programme was launched on 10 May 2019, and in seven months, we achieved very positive results, with an increase of more than 50% in the number of users of the Active App since the programme’s launch.

In 2019, we launched the Instant Win for customers, the first “ViviGroupama e Vinci” contest, where our customers played each day to win Amazon vouchers and entered the final draw. The contest was very engaging, with half of the loyalty programme customers participating in the challenge.

What’s next?

Valerio: Over the next two years, our goal is to increase the number of memberships, give the agent role a greater sense of responsibility, add new actions related to Italy’s very strict regulations (L. 41/2018), and develop a loyalty score to understand each customer’s potential.

Vivi Groupama