La formation dans la poche

Groupama Paris Val de Loire

An innovative electronic training programme

Beedeez@GPVL provides a very effective complement to the corporate training arsenal: face-to-face, virtual classes and e-learning. The application is initially aimed at company sales representatives; it involves employees in training courses that are specifically designed for mobile users, and thus extremely intuitive. The user experience immerses the employee in a dedicated world of training that delivers enjoyable, varied content.

Bite-sized formats to cement knowledge

With Beedeez@GPVL, employees can acquire small bites of learning every day, in full independence, through short training sessions lasting between 30 seconds and 5 minutes on average. The training is easily accessed by smartphone, anytime, anywhere. These very short formats allow for better memorisation and a limited learning time that integrates perfectly into busy days. In this way, salespeople can be trained in just a few minutes; for example, while waiting for a meeting to start, or between two meetings.

More game-like, attractive mobile content

Beedeez@GPVL offers small chunks of knowledge that are perfect for mobile learning. Employees can use Beedeez@GVPL to train themselves through a variety of situations: MCQs, “fill in the blanks”, flashcards, etc.; and gamified learning via challenges, games and battles between group members. In this way, training becomes more fun and engaging, with practical work that consolidates the newly acquired knowledge.

The benefits

More flexibility and freedom

More mobility

More motivation

But also more agility for Groupama Paris Val de Loire: the training modules are simpler, and require less time to create. It is very quick and easy to produce and distribute short, snappy content that can be adapted to employee and company needs at any given moment, such as the launch of a new product or service or a change in regulations.