Tous Côte@Côte

Groupama Antilles-Guyane


The idea behind the TousCôte@Côte (meaning “all side-by-side”) app is to show how elected representatives and employees belong to Groupama Antilles Guyane, and strengthen our synergy. Indeed, there are many of us who want to get involved in our great venture beyond our term of office or our operational role.

Therefore, with the entire Board of Directors and the Executive Committee, it seemed vital to get behind this app and to give ourselves the capacity to act.

Consequently, thanks to TousCôte@Côte we have the means, information and backing to promote Groupama Antilles Guyane across the region.

What the plan offers:

It entails sharing internal or external information within TousCôte@Côte and also on our own social networks. This makes it possible to highlight programmes that enable recommendations for new qualified prospects for example, or to encourage recommendations for new leads by publicising product ranges or recruitment campaigns.

All users can also give their opinion on specific topics, which allows everyone to express themselves in a very simple and free way.

There are four components:

All sellers: entails making all the information likely to make our products known to our family & friends available to ambassadors, and to communicate about new features, campaigns, etc., and to pass on the contact details of family and friends interested in our products; it thus serves to make referrals far easier.

All influencers: whenever an event or project seems to merit some interest, employees and elected representatives can share it on their own networks, whether Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or something else, and thus contribute to the company’s reach.

All recruiters: a path used by employer brand campaigns. This component is used to nominate or suggest applicants, or to share job vacancies published there. An ideal next stage? Link the app to Groupama’s recruitment system, groupamaganrecrute. All stakeholders: the last component, giving access to company news, with the option to leave comments and opinions, etc.

How it works:

It’s very easy! First of all, you need to download the app, available from the usual app stores. Then create an account to access the content. The gaming aspect is quickly apparent. The more you use the app, the more points, badges, etc. you can win. In addition, special animations and challenges are regularly introduced, to create value within the business. Every quarter, the best ambassadors in each category receive awards.

In addition, a directory has been set up, which makes it possible to contact one of the elected representatives or employees registered on the app directly. Discussions can take place between ambassadors via private messages. Notifications are used to publicise the company’s news.

Rankings are shown on a special page, proudly displaying the badges users have obtained…

There are at least three innovative aspects:

  1. It is a system used jointly by elected representatives and employees to strengthen our shared sense of belonging and pride
  2. It is a mobile app, linked to everyone’s social media, and thus facilitates Groupama Antilles-Guyane’s reach externally, while strengthening internal links. Technology serving personal relationships
  3. It is a corporate social network designed to fit in the palm of the hand, facilitating access to data, social interaction, and introducing an element of gaming to professional relationships.