Groupama Assicurazioni (Italie)

The aim of the project is the standardization of corporate processes and the improvement of operational efficiency and in continuous evolution and updating.

The pilot automation was a process selected in the Bond Area, i.e. premiums collection reminder, which has helped collect over €800.000 since its deployment and has supported the alignment of accounting and portfolio management systems.

The project approach is based on implementation of an automation-related Centre of Excellence (CoE) composed by the Organization and IT departments.

The CoE has tested several situations for identification of RPA journey benefits and has conducted several interviews, with multiple organizational areas through several Heatmap waves, with the objective to include new activities in the project SOW (scope of work)

A Heatmap wave is a set of interviews with the objective of identifying automation suitable processes. The main activities are:

1) business process assessment,

2) technical feasibility study,

3) cost-benefit analysis,

4) process prioritization.

Following the Heatmap phase, the “to-be-automated” process is designed and described in a process design document which becomes the basis for developing the automation using UiPath (Groupama Group process automation software).

By the end of the second Heatmap wave, 80 processes were found to be suitable for automation in the entire company. Among these, 32 processes in 8 departments have been automated or are being automated using RPA technology. Moreover, another element has been the integration of RPA with other technologies, e.g. OCR, managed internally by Mail Room, an organizational department of Groupama.

Since the overall goal of the project is acquiring RPA know-how to manage this technology autonomously, the first steps were managed by an external consulting company, Deloitte, which has experience in this field. Some workshops have been developed providing knowledge concerning Digital Transformation through RPA, by implementing an IT Architecture framework and RPA security Guidelines.