Groupama d'Oc


When preparing for a new sales year, about 6 months in advance, a lot of new products are worked on and presented at the year launch meeting. Following these meetings, it is not always easy to find the information that was presented, we have several databases, the information may be in different slide shows, or buried in emails; it is difficult to know where to look. Faced with this situation, we contemplated a solution that would allow us to find all this information, that structures our sales activity, in one place. This was the basis of the specification we laid down to create Roadtrip. Installed on a sales rep’s smartphone, this app gives access to the year’s new features: using a simple login added to their profile, advisors can access their personalised standards, enter their new business and calculate the variable component of their pay, and also access documents such as the Sales Activities Plan, current accelerators, challenges, current targets and so on. All this is within easy reach, without needing to open their laptops! This is a real plus because we know that advisors are very mobile employees so being able to track their activities on a smartphone really simplifies their lives.

The app was built in late 2020, while people were working remotely. Beyond the innovative aspect of the app, the way it was designed and built was also innovative and testifies to the agility and adaptability of all the staff who contributed.

It was launched in January for sales employees and in the spring, a managers’ version, tweaked to match their profile, was introduced with the option to coordinate the use of Roadtrip by their teams and receive the same functionalities on their smartphones in a few clicks.