Groupama Loire Bretagne

  • Goal

To help professional customers (farmers, companies, artisans, communities) to comply with a regulation not always known in order to prevent the risks of work accidents.

  • Solution

Prosecure is a service of Periodic General Verifications ( called ‘ VGP’) of lifting equipments (ex: telescopic loaders, aerial work platforms, forklifts, lifting arms …).

  • How it works

Prosecure advises the client on the list of materials to be controlled and the frequency that applies to them according to their nature. Prosecure assigns an expert on the field who carries out the regulatory control. Our staff also checks the general condition of the equipment in order to identify risks of breakdown, breakage, malfunctioning and provide all the necessary recommendations to get a sustainable use of the equipment.

The Prosecure team manages on behalf of the client the different deadlines for the renewal of the visits in order to remain permanently within the regulatory framework.

  • Added value

The contributors are all Groupama’s motor and agricultural equipment experts, certified and with a perfect knowledge of lifting equipment.

They give advice on prevention and maintenance to avoid any breakdown, machine breakage or future immobilization. Their conclusions also provide support for the valuation of the equipment in the event of a claim.