Pricing & Data Science Academy

Groupama Assurances Mutuelles


This project meets the need to train the Group’s employees in new technologies and in particular the adoption of open-source languages (Python, in our case) and new methodologies linked to data science (mainly machine learning). It was initially designed to meet the needs of international subsidiaries and is now partly accessible to all Group employees.

What the project offers

The project initially proposed a “project support” mode to all the international subsidiaries in which candidates are enrolled. A mandatory training path of 6 basic modules was offered to the first year’s intake which started in June of this year, accompanied by individualised coaching focused on a work-related project that the candidate had to complete to demonstrate application of their knowledge. For the first quarter of 2021, a second catalogue-based mode was introduced, under which the 6 basic modules could be selected from the menu of options. This mode is open to all Group employees.

In addition, the project offers participants not only the opportunity to develop their technical skills but also to network within the Group and learn from their colleagues’ experiences. This is of particular interest to new starters who have joined Groupama so that they can become familiar with Group culture.

How it works:

People interested in these training modules contact their HR representative and the organising team to register for the modules. Training is delivered by video conference and in English. Since the training is in-house, the modules are free of charge.

What is the added value?

The Pricing and Data Science Academy expands Groupama employees’ skills in areas that are increasingly crucial to our constantly transforming business lines, and disseminates best practice within a community of experts.

This project is intended to accelerate innovation projects. Many initiatives are occurring within the Group and there is now a growing number of projects encompassing new technologies connected to artificial intelligence and data science.