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Groupama Rhône-Alpes Auvergne

Amid a context of profound social, technological and regulatory changes in its environment, Groupama Rhône-Alpes Auvergne is being required to rethink and reinvent its profession and customer relations, involving its employees closely in this process. We are seeing that insurance customers have changed: they are less loyal, and more demanding and impatient. Customers are looking for flexibility, availability, responsiveness and a “personalised” relationship.

The aim of the project is to translate customer satisfaction, operational efficiency and employee fulfilment into positive results, generating growth as well as technical benefits. The customer relationship is the engine of growth for all employees. The first phase we are running is a pilot in 2020. We are testing new end-to-end customer journeys in the mass market, and rethinking the workflow processing model.

Ahead of a rollout to the whole company in 2021, we have implemented a pilot with a “Test and Learn” philosophy: nothing is written in stone. We have created a customer and employee feedback system for building on and rectifying implemented measures. By creating a cross-functional managerial function, we are able to share experience, best practice and difficulties, and implement corrective actions to improve customer relations. Teams are mobilised. Employees engage in co-construction, and prepare for the professions of the future.

Fulfilment for our employees: this is the innovative aspect that we wish to share, because employees have been involved from the construction of the pilot right through to its implementation: nothing is written in stone. We have also involved the employee representative bodies, communicating with them regularly.

The added value lies in the effectiveness of the service we provide to our customers:

1- Because the branch is where the customer relationship starts, we will be able to cover all contract types as we respond to simple requests; such as, for example, insurance claims.

2- Whether local, remote or specialised, customer advisors are still customer advisors, and are able to respond to simple requests, support customers in the use of self-care services and provide responsive advice.

3- Information flows are optimised, offering extended multichannel availability.