Gan Outre-Mer et Groupama Pacifique

As elections approach, we have realised that for some elected representatives and employees, it was difficult to explain the philosophy and operation of a local mutual. As there was a lack of communication tools in this area, this project was devised to provide an enjoyable, simple and easy-to-understand explanation of how our local mutals work.

The game gives an explanation of the Groupama Pacific local mutual in its region. It also covers the initiatives implemented by elected representatives, collaboration between elected representatives and employees, recruitment, the basics of mutual insurance, and so on.

Using a game board, participants play in turn and carry out instructions printed on cards, moving around the 7 sections of the Local Mutual. The game money is gradually placed in the centre of the boardt to provide cover for any accidents. The banker is replaced by the insurer, who controls the game. They provide explanations of the cards, and initiate discussions depending on the time provided (15-minute game).

While based on a well-known game for all the family, this version offers a number of innovations, both in terms of the creation of a communication tool of this kind, and the ability to use it with and for a number of target groups: new employees, new elected representatives and members, but also for introducing the local mutual to external parties (travel, events, etc.).