Le petit tour de la gestion déléguée

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Le petit tour de la gestion déléguée
  • Goal

To promote delegated management to our clients, the know-how of the experts, the major “fundamentals” of financial investment that justify the use of this solution.

  • Solution

To present an a priori rather difficult subject in a smiling, playful and educational way, in the form of animated stories in a comic strip style.

  • How it works

It consists of five websites that can be consulted on mobile, desktop and tablet.

The first site, https://www.leptgd.com/ , is in a way the parent company of the project. It allows you to consult all the episodes of this “comic book” on delegated management and to learn more about the characters and the theme.

The four other sites live independently and each one presents an episode. Some key figures: > More than 58% opening rate of the emailings (usually around 41%).

> The time spent on the site exceeds 1:12, which confirms the reader’s attention for the subject.

  • Added value

Original and immersive aspect, close to a game, allowing clients to discover the “mysterious” world of savings and in particular Delegated Management.