L’Agilité au cœur de G2S

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The Agile community and the Serious Bootcamp are a response to the intention to roll out Agile culture and practices to give impetus to a contemporary work culture, to reduce projects’ time to market and support the Group’s competitiveness.

The activities focus mainly on three goals:

  1. The goal to deliver cultural adoption of Agility, taking the form of internal events held within the group:
  • Serious Bootcamps which develop and disseminate Agile culture to all through workshops
  • Agile Cafés the aim of which is to share experiences and best practice by showcasing projects and individuals.
  • Webinars on Agility-themed tools to develop collective intelligence and expand collaborative working.
  1. Increase the Group’s reach and showcase our skills and expertise externally:
  • Sponsorship of major Agility events
  • Leading conferences in France to showcase our employees, working methods and our projects.
  1. Support employees and project teams day-to-day in developing their skills and increasing their buy-in of new collaborative working methods:
  • Setting up Agility initiation training
  • Supporting project teams outside of IT to disseminate Agility more widely
  • Supporting IT project teams and employees from the different entities participating in these projects
  • Setting up a new problem-resolution method based on collective intelligence and collaborative working.

Agility within G2S is primarily a group of enthusiastic individuals keen to enhance practices and disseminate Agile culture within the Group. In response to a very rapidly-changing world, we assist when requested to help our Group and its employees to develop a culture and capacity to adapt to change.