Groupama Loire Bretagne


First of all, quality of life in the workplace has become a key issue for businesses, with HR facing new challenges around health and well-being at work, the appearance of new work-related illnesses, higher levels of absence, and recruitment difficulties.

Furthermore, improving the attractiveness and differentiation of our group health/protection insurance range is fast becoming vital. We need a change of stance: no longer simply a source of health/protection insurance payouts, but involved throughout the value chain “cover, price and related services”.

The policy benefits offered by Kenvad meet three objectives:

  1. Build connections between employees
  2. Help businesses and employees move towards better quality of life

in the workplace for all staff

  1. Raise awareness of looking after our health

Kenvad means:

– 5 areas of involvement: protection against health risks, appropriate physical exercise,

healthy eating, wellness, and personal development.

– A bespoke service based around 50 specified benefits, adapted to the requirements of individual businesses.

– Delivered by professionals rigorously selected by Kenvad

– Its differentiating feature: a digital solution providing simple and efficient organisation of the selected benefits by the business under a “self-care” model.

At launch, benefits were available across the whole Groupama Loire Bretagne territory, and may be extended to other regions subsequently.

Kenvad conducts a free, anonymous audit of employees to build appropriate bespoke benefits. Kenvad then organises the benefits using its network of service providers. Once the scheme is operating, benefits are evaluated by participants.

– Bespoke service

– A wide range of benefits from a comprehensive catalogue (50 types of benefit on offer)

– Accredited providers tested and approved by Kenvad beforehand

– Online system to keep benefits administration simple for businesses.