Inflation fighter

Groupama Sigorta (Turquie)

Inflation Fighter
  • Goal

Protect Groupama Sigorta against hyperinflation impacting the cost of repairing car claims.

  • Solution

It’s to order spare parts used for the reparation of vehicle in advance before their prices rise.

  • How it works

Place and pay for a grouped order and have a 12-month stock of the most used spare parts delivered at a price negotiated with a single supplier. Optimized logistics: the stock is centralized in one place (at the supplier’s) and sent directly to the garage at the time of repair. This also increases customer satisfaction by reducing the time it takes to deliver parts to garages, and therefore the length of time the vehicles are immobilized.

  • Added value

This new approach brought both additional negotiation on prices (order volume and logistics effect) and protection against the inflation effect of spare parts.

Between the June order and the use in September 2022, a saving of 30% was made on the parts concerned.