Groupama Webradio

Groupama Loire Bretagne

Almost all Groupama branches currently broadcast commercial radio stations in their reception areas in order to maintain the confidentiality of discussions.

Because of their geographical areas, not all our branches are able to select the station of their choice, or are in a reception “black spot”.

As a result, we cannot control the content broadcast to our customers in our reception areas. This means that while on our premises, they are exposed to advertisements from our competitors.

Traditional media saturation and advertising pressure have prompted us to offer new locally-based media to convey our communication messages.

Groupama Webradio features a software-only studio (managed by an external service provider) with all the features of a traditional radio station, in a 100% virtual format. Once the radio program content has been created, Webradio is hosted in the Cloud and broadcast via our network to the local sales branches.

This innovative architecture means it can be quickly used via any digital resource available to the company: social media, intranet, newsletter links,, etc.

Groupama Webradio allows us to broadcast information about our products and services directly to our customers and offer preventive advice, alerts of all kinds, recruitment messages, etc.

This medium is also a powerful tool for internal communication and community life.

It is an innovative medium; streaming radio that offers complete, customised programming. It alternates between broadcasts (live, time-shifted, podcasts, etc.), a music playlist and exclusive programmes. It can be distributed to all our points of sale and can be listened to anywhere (e.g. at our events and trade shows, at our partners’ premises, on customers’ smartphones, etc.).

In the Banking-Insurance market: there is no equivalent; existing offerings are restricted to internal use only.