GCM Académie

Groupama Centre Manche


Managers play a key role in all companies. The GCM Academy is based on the firm belief that GCM’s transformation has to be management-driven.

How? By developing our culture and building our management community, improving our practices and, ultimately, providing collective impetus. By changing the practices of our 150 managers and turning them into the engine room of Groupama Centre Manche’s transformation.

These are the issues the GCM Academy aims to tackle by training and certifying the whole GCM management team.

The GCM Academy is more than a certification label, however; it reflects our regional mutual’s identity, a living, breathing, people-based project blending leadership of a learner community with outstanding training.

Jointly building a GCM management repository is the basic premise of the GCM Academy, in the form of the verbaTeam card game. It is based around 4 key role cards:

– developing positive leadership,

– managing your team,

– scoping and giving meaning to work,

– running business activities.

Each role comprises 5 responsibilities, each described using 4 skills.

Using this management repository, the GCM Academy offers two training paths leading to certification, depending on managerial level (local managers or managers of managers). The training paths were built in partnership with the Néoma Business School, the sixth-ranked business school in France, based within GCM’s region.

The GCM Academy is based on:

– Training leading to certification taken by representative groups from each division and department in the territory, creating a kind of “year group” team spirit from day one, lasting until the final presentation in front of the panel.

– Continuous leadership of the learner community of managers by the Human Resources department with support from the Communications department. It takes the form of workshops and the distribution of tools useful to GCM managers, e.g. reference materials, guide, manuals, manager profiles, discussions about best practice, webinars, etc.

The added value: The common training programme, which is also followed by senior management, manager certification, and the excellence of the training given by the Néoma Business School. Moreover, every manager receives two sessions of individual coaching.