Gan Assurances


Jointly built, the “Ganaïa STRAT 2024” serious game is based on the principle of employee-as-actor. Users explore our Strategic Plan in an immersive gaming world playing in an imaginary universe called Ganaïa Island, an allegory of our business model. To reinforce take-up and foster discussion, we opted for a game played in groups, to run in three phases over four months:

  • Phase 1 – Ganaïa, secrets of the archipelago – Presentation and adoption of the basics of our business model (financially, the distribution model, target customers and priority markets, production model, employee engagement, brand and visibility) in the form of an online digital game (1,289 players split into 180 teams). Each team (via a live Teams session with a professional coordinator) played a three-hour game, through which it explored and bought into our “strategic foundation”.


  • Phase 2 – Ganaïa, the missions – Each team, with its manager, was able to drill down into one Strategy 2024 area with a creative “mission” (animation, video, podcast, drawings, etc.) of its choice. The resulting 125 sets of creative, team-produced content coordinated by local managers were uploaded onto an interactive map of the Ganaïa archipelago enabling employees to view all the output, create an emulation and maintain the buy-in dynamic from phase 1.


  • Phase 3 – Ganaïa, the 2024 course – To deploy and share Gan 2024’s vision, objectives and Strategy 2024 action plan, we have created a Ganaïa web app combining all these elements in varied formats (motion graphic designs, employee interviews, reportage with Agents, etc.). Still following the principle of immersive gaming, managers organise sessions with their teams to explore the Ganaïa archipelago and its content, understand and buy into the key issues in our Strat2024 plan.

Each strategy component corresponds to a district to be explored. Once the team has viewed all the districts’ content, and answered the confirmation quizzes, the ultimate secret of the Ganaïa archipelago is revealed.