Fredo: a bike-sharing service

Groupama Rhône-Alpes Auvergne

Soft mobility is an integral part of the political, social and economic challenges presented by our ecosystem: “carbon-free” means of transport make it possible to minimise the propagation of greenhouse gases and thus contribute to the fight against global warming.

Fredo’s mission is to promote the use of a “green”, carbon-free mode of transport – the bicycle – while relying on an existing pool of resources for durable assets and optimised usage patterns.

In addition, starting from the observation that for “80% of France geographically, representing 30% of the population, there is no local authority responsible for personal mobility, leaving inhabitants with no option other than dependency on the private car,” we have chosen to promote social and regional cohesion through a simple, accessible bicycle sharing service.

We are convinced that a bicycle, a smart padlock and a bike rack are sufficient to meet a need for bicycle sharing, without any other infrastructure required.

Fredo is the market’s most economical solution (cost of use of the solution to the mobility operator: €1/day/padlock), and also the simplest to implement (in 24 hours, your bicycle fleet is ready to be shared with your users). In this way, all stakeholders, local authorities, companies and tourism players can make our system available to groups of target users (employees, citizens, etc.) for greener mobility.

Our lock is completely independent of the bicycle, and can therefore be adapted to any bike type. We are able to dispense with technology infrastructures that are expensive (average price of a veli’b station in Paris = xx€8000 2) and time-consuming to implement.

Our solution includes 3 main components. The lock: a physical device that is independent of the bicycle, making it easy to adapt to all bike types. The application: ergonomic and easily operated by the end user. And lastly, the system (Back office) enabling mobility operators to manage their fleet of bicycles efficiently and effectively. We are therefore equipping a fleet of bicycles using custom technology and a smart lock that provides the following functions:

– Geolocation of the bicycle, and its specifications (photo and data sheet for the bike);

– Paid hire or free use;

– Return to pre-specified location if desired;

– Automated secure payment management according to the relevant time / pricing;

– Automated deposit management, if desired;

– Usage statistics for the operator and the end user.